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Harveys is the 200 capacity function room of The Horseshoes. It’s got its own entrance, own bar, own toilets and own ticket booth (for charging gigs). There is also a separate room to store gear in. Harveys (and The Horseshoes) is currently an 18+ venue. We’re working on changing that but aren’t there yet.

The Stage is big enough to fit an average 5 or six piece band on. Harveys is a slightly rectangular space and there are no pillars, so nothing to obscure the view of the stage.

The lights are sound to light and a couple of wash lights to improve the visual experience for the audience.

The PA is a bit, OK, a lot, DIY (rather than a one product package). Think pub gig rather than regular venue. We run a Behringer Eurodesk 2442 desk to two 400 watt Alto TS112 speakers as the main PA speakers. From the desk we then take the final mix an put it through a W Audio Digimix 2x550 desk and run that as a booster to the main PA. We have two aux sends per channel on the Yamaha for on stage monitoring and we run one to a Laney CXP112 and CXM112 set up offering 120 watts to the front of the stage. We run the second aux send to a 200watt Stagg SMS12P monitor. All wattages given are RMS not Peak. For vocals we’ve got a couple of SM58s and a couple of AKG D5s, for micing amps we’ve got some Studiospares S935s. We’ve also got a set of Samson dum mics.

We mic up the amps and snare and bass drum. We ask that stage volume is kept to a reasonable level and that the PA is used to control the sound the audience hears.

The priority is the quality of the sound over the volume; it’s better for bands and audiences (and Promoters). At the stage end of the room you’ll be immersed in the band but at the bar you’ll be able to order a drink without shouting yourself hoarse.

We have the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month but Harveys could be available the other days for original or covers bands if you want to put on your own shows. Talk to the pub direct if this interests you. A PA isn’t included but if you’ve not got one and don’t want to hire one in talk to us and if we’re free we’ll sort something out for a reasonable donation to PDM to cover our time.