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22nd November

Nothing new to say really. We replaced the desk with a nice Behringer 2442 one that Paul’s getting used to. There’s been some fantastic gigs both PDM and Luton Live/s and we’re revving up for the last two gigs of the year (27th Nov and 18th Dec) before we take our usual Christmas and New Year break. There’ll be more news, big news, in January....but we can’t tell you want it is until then.

19th September

Fantastic August and September shows. The Bowfinger show was so hot smoke ended up coming out of the mixing desk. Fortunately we were able to put together an alternative PA and a very busy Harveys enjoyed a great show. Now we’re looking for a new desk ready for our October shows. We go hack to the 2nd and 4th Fir days for Oct and Nov and then round our year off on the 18th December.

19th August

Paul had a great time at Bloodstock. Harveys has had a make over. We’ve had one gig in August and there’s another one in September before we put the summer fully behind us and go back to two gigs a month from October.