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2005-2016: Luton’s not-for-profit live music and music promotion organisation

If you want us to consider you for a gig or want to contact us for any other reason you can email us via the Contact Us page.

Send us links to where we can hear you. A live video or live recording, even live in a rehearsal studio, is always better for us than a studio recording, but we'll listen to studio recordings as well.

We also want some information about you, such as how long you've been going, where you're from, what sort of gigs you've done before or if you're just starting out. We actively encourage bands to do their first gig with us so it won't put us off, it'll help us work out where to put you in the line up.

Please also take the time to look at our Terms and Conditions as they tell you how we work, what you can expect of us and what we expect of you.

We provide the PA. We do not provide backline. We expect gigging bands to either have their own equipment or be able to negotiate with the other bands on the bill. No band is required to loan equipment to other bands. A band that arrives to play the gig without their own equipment or arrangements to borrow may not get to play. Where necessary PDM will explain publicly why the band was unable to play.

The money we pay varies depending on whether it’s a good night or a poor night, but we all succeed or fail together. It keeps us and the bands keen to promote and get as many people to the gig as possible.  At The Four Horseshoes we get paid a percentage of the bar take at the end of the night and we split this equally between PDM and each band. We don’t take any expenses out before we split the money.

Getting a gig

We're always on the look out for new bands and to continue supporting bands that we’ve already promoted.