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2005-2016: Luton’s not-for-profit live music and music promotion organisation

It all started in January 2005. The Tsunami disaster in December 2004 made Paul feel that something should be done in Luton to raise a bit of money to help out. All he knew was music............and that his brother, Stewart, ran The Exchange in within a couple of weeks an all day festival had been arranged for the end of January. Paul did the afternoon session covering rock and indi and teamed up with the established bands of the Luton Town Hardcore scene (LTHC) who provided bands for the evening session.

As well as raising over £900 the gig gave bands the opportunity to talk and one of the things that came out was the need for a venue in Luton to give new bands a chance to get experience. be treated fairly when it came to being paid for the gig and being given a professional level of respect by Promoters....things like sound checks for instance.

By the 1st May 2005 Stewart had ripped the PA out of one of his other pubs and installed it in the Exchange, Paul had come up with the ways to put on gigs that met the needs of the bands and the Promoter and the Landlord and PDM started as regular promoters with a gig featuring TheStarsHaveFallen, BaySix and Your Demise.

Since then we have worked at The Hat Factory and now The Horseshoes. We've put on gigs in Luton town centre as part of Carnival and had various one day charity gigs, released a shared single and generally done what we can to be involved in, and supporting, the Luton music scene. We have developed a reputation for professionalism, fairness and providing a good night out for bands and audiences and this has led to many, many bands that know each other recommending PDM as promoters.